Bamboo Bonsai – Ideal Accent In The Japanese Garden

Are you looking to add something orient to your garden? Well, you can achieve this transformation with bamboo. It’s one of the iconic plants from the Far East. Adding it to your garden will bring about elegance and simplicity, often associated with Asian designs and Japanese gardens. If you want to take things up a notch, you can add a Japanese maple. The leaves form a beautiful canopy that turns into a brilliant red color in autumn.

Another great addition is the Mugo pine. It comes with compact needles that are dwarf-like for a great look. You can also accent the area using Mondo grass (dwarf lily turf). You will bring about a Zen trance in your garden effortlessly. Finally, if you are very serious about your Japanese garden, you can’t go wrong with bonsai trees. Yes, they are pretty tricky to maintain but will always be a great addition to your garden.

Bonsai With Bamboo

Adding bamboo to your bonsai garden is an excellent decision because they are easier to blend than other plants and trees. In addition, bamboo is resilient and has shallow roots to accommodate pruning. Therefore, caring from bamboo bonsai is not a difficult task compared to a cedar miniaturized or elm. However, it would be best if you chose the suitable species for the best results.

Choosing The Right Bamboo Varieties For Your Bonsai Garden

Do you want to keep your bamboo in a tiny pot about 8-10 inches in width? Well, you need to stay away from some of the popular varieties of the plant. The best candidates should have smaller culms and more delicate leaves. If you want to create the most attractive bonsai tree, you need to find a specimen that is easy to miniature.

For instance, if you have a maple tree about 12 inches tall and leaves about 5 inches wide, it will look ridiculous. But, on the other hand, a Japanese maple has tiny leaves. Therefore, the smaller leaves will appear proportional to the branches and trunk when it is grown as a bonsai. The same can be said for the Mugo pine since it has short needles compared to most pine species.

Yes, you might come across an Arrow bamboo or Temple bamboo in your search for the perfect bamboo tree. They have long tapering leaves that stand out anywhere, including your garden. However, they will not look good in a bit of bonsai pot. Note that numerous dwarf varieties of bamboo can be an excellent choice for a bonsai pot. The leaves and culms are compact, while the roots will not burst out of the pool after six months.

Easy Bonsai Additions

Yes, bonsai trees are beautiful and unique, but they are tough to maintain. Since bamboo is a perennial grass, it’s easier to maintain than a tree. It’s the best addition to your bonsai garden. Are you looking for other bonsai accents but are not ready to start gardening?

You can check out ficus plants and junipers that are some of the easier shrubs to grow in miniature. Even better, you can plant various succulents in the bonsai pots for the best results. Of course, you need to transplant and repot them as soon as possible to avoid any more hassles.